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The Ideal Options and Conditions for Selecting Caribbean Sail Charters

Caribbean sail charters can provide comprehensive options for those seeking to go on a sailing vacation to places such as the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Antigua, Grenada or St. Martin.

Choosing one of the many chartering companies can be easy depending on the types of boats and services you will need, the destinations you want to select and the timing of your journey.

Charter Options Available in the Caribbean

From common monohull sailboats to multi-hulls either of catamaran or trimaran design, every type of sailing vessel you can think of is available at Caribbean chartering companies.

Also, you can compare the diverse facilities and services offered by each crewed or bareboat charters and select between a large number of luxury amnesties you can get for your journey, such as cooking appliances, water filters, snorkeling equipment, water skis or satellite TV.

Another excellent option when choosing Caribbean sailboat charters is the ability to learn to sail with the help of the same chartering companies who lend you your boat. Many services offer this benefit, providing courses and a test that will determine whether or not you can be trusted with the responsibility of captaining a sailing vessel.

Caribbean Sail Charters – When to Consider Hiring a Chartering Company

The main season for sailing in the Caribbean runs through the month of November all the way to July. Those who desire to escape the harsh winters of the northern USA, Canada and Europe frequently choose the islands of the Caribbean Sea as their destination between December and March, however, even in the hurricane season, the chance of any of the islands being hit by a powerful storm are very slim.

provide you with the opportunity of hiring an experienced crew and renting a reliable boat that will ensure you and your passengers’ safety and well-being, and the good news is that the stable climate of the Caribbean Sea will ensure near optimal conditions almost regardless of the time of the year you will select for your journey.