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Getting the Best Possible Deals for Virgin Islands Sailing Charters

If you’re on a tight budget, many of the offers of Virgin Islands sailing charters may be somewhat less accessible depending on the type of sailing vacation you want to be a part of. As it often happens, however, circumstances can change this, as the information and special deals you may find can help you get more services for less money by choosing the right chartering company at the ideal time.

Virgin Islands Sailing Charters – Useful Information

Before planning your trip to the Virgin Islands, the first step is to locate a few of the most reputable chartering services and find out not only what they have to offer, but some additional information about the sailing seasons and conditions normally associated with the area.

The Caribbean main sailing season spans only over 3-4 months at the beginning of each year, and the weather conditions differ almost in the case of each island. The subtropical climate of the Virgin Islands is unique, allowing for relatively low humidity and very few changes throughout the year.

This means you can safely benefit from the low-cost offers provided by most chartering companies after the sailing season is over (late July to mid-October). Temperatures are only slightly lower during this period compared to the months of June or July, and despite slightly increased rainfall, you can easily find out whether it’s safe to go out to sea by following the weather forecast.

Special Offers

Fewer people booking trips during the late summer and fall in the Virgin Islands usually translates in better deals, increased availability and lower prices. This particularly applies to places such as the islands of St Thomas, St John or Tortola.

Prices and promotions can change throughout the year; however, you can still get 30-50% discounts, as well as special offers for new bookings or deals associated with specific accommodation options, routes and destinations.

The special deals available every year for can easily be monitored on the internet many months in advance, so you will have enough time to plan a perfect sailing voyage.