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BVI Sailing Charters

Enjoy a Dreamlike Vacation in BVI – Sailing Charters as Means to Ensure Your Comfort

If you plan an adventurous tropical vacation in BVI, sailing charters are your best transportation alternative. Not only that you can admire the fascinating landscape of the islands for as long as you desire and dedicate your time to any entertaining activities you prefer, but you can also take advantage of the royalty treatment offered by the well-trained crew, ready to fulfill your every wish.

BVI Sailing Charters – Everything You Need in a Nest of Coziness

No matter if you plan to go on vacation with your group of friends or you intend to spend a quality time with your family only, you can always rent a boat. It can be a catamaran, a motor boat or a mono hull, with or without crew. However, if you choose not to hire professional sailors, make sure that you or your friends possess more than good sailing skills and you know the route perfectly.

The comfort you enjoy while you are on board can be compared with the conditions offered by a luxurious cruise yacht, only that the price is more accessible. The cabins are equipped with fans for cooling the air, spacious lockers for clothes, king size, comfortable beds and baths with hot showers.

As for entertainment, the BVI sailing charters offer you a real A to Z catalogue of opportunities. They are equipped with parlor games, flat screen TVs and DVD players, if you are the type who spends a lot of time inside the cabin.

If you prefer to enjoy a typical tropical vacation, with fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving or just swimming, you have all the necessary equipment on board, so that you do not worry about bringing it along from home, in your baggage.

Visiting BVI – Sailing Charters as a Convenient Option

If you also plan to get on shore during your Caribbean vacation on board of a completely equipped and comfortable sailing charter, the places to explore and the things to do are numerous.

The St. John Island, for instance, is famous for its natural park that covers more than half of its surface. You can join a guided tour in order to observe the local fauna in its natural habitat, or you can enjoy a slow pace, solitary walk, taking your time to admire the breathtaking landscapes.

If you are the more practical type and you recognize a good deal when you see it, the duty-free shops from St. Thomas are perfect for renewing your wardrobe or making provisions for the boat.

On the other hand, if you are interested in the history of these fascinating islands, by visiting the beautiful buildings made of bricks, with their white or red-colored roofs in the port of Charlotte Amalie, you can find out more about the Dutch colonial period.


Finding a spot where you can dedicate yourself to scuba diving or snorkeling without being disturbed is easy in the British Virgin Islands, especially since the equipment is available on board.

Besides the mentioned activities, you have a thousand of other reasons to go on a vacation to BVI, sailing charters providers offering you all the conditions to make each moment unforgettable.