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What an adventure. I will never forget getting into Anegala seeing the blue blue water, the sand, the palm trees. I can’t believe that this place exists. Thank you Chris for showing me that heaven is here on earth. This trip has been nothing but amazing and we loved listening to all the stories that you have. One more hug from Wayne & me and we can’t wait until next time.
Mar 31, 2016

This is the 3rd charter in the Virgin Islands and it has definitely been the best. Our only regret is that we have to leave tomorrow. But then again, maybe we will just stay!!
Dear Chris & Robin,

This has been one of the best vacations we have had. It is a fitting way to mark our tenth anniversary. The food, the sailing, the boat, the snorkeling, the weather, and the places we visited (some for the 1st time) were all superb. And we know that you arranged all of it even the weather.

Bill says thanks for letting him drive the boat. She is fun to sail and he learned a lot about sailing and boat handling from Chris. The reach across Sir Francis Drake Channel is something he will not soon forget. And he claims that it was not his fault that Mary & Robin got slightly damp.

The snorkeling was fantastic – the best we ever had. Chris and Robin know all the good places. The Indians, Monkey Point, Christmas Cove, and Gorda Sound Reef. We saw lots of Barracudas, Sea Turtles, Sting Rays, Lobsters and billions of colorful interesting fish & coral.

The whole feel of the trip was that we were made so comfortable. Chris & Robin welcomed us into their home. They were great company. They were gracious hosts, always available, always anticipating our needs. When Mary was ready to barf over the side of the boat, Robin worked her magic.

Sopris was immaculate. It is obvious that Chris and Robin lavish a lot of love and care on her.

Great food, well served and well presented. A lot of effort went into creating the kind of meals we wanted. The menus were very creative.

This is the 3rd charter in the Virgin Islands and it has definitely been the best. Our only regret is that we have to leave tomorrow. But then again, maybe we will just stay!!
, Norwalk, Connecticut USA Aug 10, 2012

Dear Chris (and Robin in spirit),

Thank you for an absolutely wonderful experience! For letting us into your home on the water and making us feel so welcome – like old friends or family.

Even though we missed meeting the love of your life Robin, we look forward to getting to know her on our next voyage. Yes, we are already planning on doing this again.

Although Robin wasn’t here we were so happy to meet your first mate (house husband) Thomas (Tom). He really kept us entertained both on and off the boat. (I’d still like to see him hanging upside down from the halyard. We could clearly see that you guys have been close friends for a long, long time and bless your hear, you’ve got the patience of a saint (with everyone).

I can’t tell you how much fun Don had sailing the boat! Thanks so much for that.

Robin would be proud. – the food, the drinks, the hospitality all wonderful – especially the conch fritters & mackerel. The sailing, the scenery, the snorkeling and all of the stories – just wonderful.

You and Tom should collaborate on a book!

Looking forward to our next adventure –
, San Antonio, Texas USA Jul 22, 2016

Chris and Robin,

WOW! What an incredible vacation its been aboard the Sopris with our much admired Cap’n and 1st Mate. (Robin I’m taking Matt home so he doesn’t try to take your job) We can both say this has been the vacation of our lives. Everything was perfect. Great Meals Chef Robin to go home and brag about. Chris your stories of past sailing were so much fun (you should write a book). And thanks for sharing all your knowledge of the history along the way. Thanks also for your expert snorkeling guides both of you and for helping me learn to dive better. Matt and I felt like we had known you two forever shortly after setting sail. You both have a great gift for serving people and have great hearts. We are happy to have met you and become friends. We loved every place you took us. The highlights were Bitter End where we succeeded to pull Larry out of his den. OK honestly, that was Chris who pulled him out, and Robin who found him. Matt at least bagged him and we all enjoyed him for dinner. What a blast! The sailboat race was exciting especially when we almost got hit… JK. We even got to meet Foxy. Thank You Both So Much For Everything.

Come see us in Albuquerque for the balloon festival or anytime. We will be back!!! Oh yeah, you were right about Sopris, she rocks you to sleep like a baby. Miss that.
, Omaha, Nebraska USA Mar 22, 2014

Chris & Robin,

Wow! Where do we start? What an incredible week. You both have talked about sailing the BVI for the past 20+ years we’ve known you. Now we been able to experience with you. We couldn’t have asked for more. It’s been a trip of a lifetime with 2 very special friends. Thanks for sharing our 30th Anniversary celebration with us.

We’ve never had a vacation that Paula didn’t have to research and plan for, Chris just did his thing and we went where the winds took us. Talk about relaxing!

Anegada was incredible and snorkeling at Lob/ally Bay on the Horseshoe Reef was amazing. Even better, if that’s possible, was snorkeling the site of the Rhone shipwrecks. (Chris, thank you for your patience on the snorkel malfunction).

Robin, you are a very gracious host and an incredible cook. Thanks for keeping Paula from getting sea sick with your terrific meals.

Chris, thank for all the wonderful and entertaining stories and history, you made the Islands come alive. You introduced us to Conchs Painkiller, Caribbean Lobster – all were terrific.

Can’t wait to travel with you both again!

Hang on to your hat, any guests that are lying in the hammock when the boat starts to rock and sail safely.

, Aurora, Colorado USA Apr 5, 2014

Dear Chris and Robin,

I don’t even know where to start in describing what a fantastic time we have had. Your hospitality is second to none! This is the best vacation we have ever had. Thank you for all the great stories of the locations and personal experiences you have had.

You two are amazing sailors and a wonderful team. Every meal was delightful, every stop beautiful! Oh and the snorkeling… Thank you for sharing the under the sea wonders, thank you for your patience with Braxton in showing him the ropes of sailing, and snorkeling, I know he will never forget this experience and your kindness, as he told me…. “Man this is the best thing we ever did!” Happy anniversary love you like family. Hope to SEA you soon!
Aug 24, 2016

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